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...A visionary concept with small varieties and lovin surroundings on its own mission...

Due to the common wish of all partners and their shared feelings, the klickklackklub is very self-sustaining, and content and quality are its criteria. Whoever might think of regularly booked stars is wrong. There is a small resident DJ team consisting of Alex. C. Multhaup, Con.Passion, Andy Kolwes and Gabriel Ananda. They all hate the modern club routines, where there are short sets of only one and a half hours intended to make people rock. Their vision is, that a really good party needs long, eventful and interesting sets who provide an insight into the musical understanding of the artist. The musical programm is supplemented by respect bookings. We definitely expect some DJs of the Karmarouge label, but it is left open when a star or a newcomer will hit the turntables. All guest DJs are invited to the kkk because of their magic skills and not because they are well-known, have a certain status or a certain price.

"Ambiance" is important as well. A slide and video-installation and a lighting concept represent the visual characteristic of the klickklackklub. Special activities and gimmicks are part of the programme of each event.


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Nach der Anmeldung erhalten ihr eine Email, den Link bestštigen und ihr seid im Verteiler.

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Stand: 25.11.10